Taking out hex file from arduino in 3 simple steps

In this tutorial , I will be showing you how to take out the hex file from an arduino and its quite simple .

Skills required :
*Basic arduino knowledge , am pretty sure that if anyone who really want to take out the hex file from the compiler then he/she must be a arduino geek for sure. 

So, this is how we do it. .. 
Step 1 . Open up arduino and under the option "file >> preferences"

What you need to do is to edit this preferences 

Step 2:Click on the preferences 
In that you can see , 

"Show verbose output during " and check the "compilation" as you see in the image 

and now , click on the "preferences.txt" text file and now you need to add something here 

Step 3 : Open up "preferences.txt" , Before that create a folder anywhere you want, and we are going to specify this path folder to keep our hex files. 

Here , i created a folder named build on my desktop.

So , what need to be added in this text file is , 

build.path=C:\Users\nik\Desktop\hexfile    ,here C:\Users\nik\Desktop\hexfile is the path of my folder so while you editing give path of the folder that you want .

and now you can see a command      
change that to 

Now save the file, exit arduino and restart it!!  Take any program, and compile it and now after compiling you must see a .hex file generated along with many other files in the target folder you specifies. In that folder only the .hex file is what we want. Hope you got this wright :) 
you can use these hex files for burning atmega individually or for simulation purposes ..

All the best with your projects :)